Friday, December 14, 2007

The Grinch didn't steal Christmas!

I don't do a Christmas tree at my house - mostly because we've never been here for Christmas. I do get that little Christmas decorating urge every year... but never give in to it. *sigh*

However, I would give into this:

A Grinch-style Christmas tree! WooHoo! What a delightful idea. Cedar branches all wrapped up with sparkly wire and a sparkly bobble on the end making it lean over. Billiant, simply brilliant.

From Devine Vines in Vancouver.

PS. And they have the cutest blog ever!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Whew. That was an exhausting week.

My craft fair frenzy has ended. Oh it feels good to be done. I can't even imagine making anymore jewelry right now. Oh, but wait- I still have a couple of special orders to finish up...

I have a couple of pictures of me & my table (and H).

Jack Davis Christmas Craft Fair (Work) with a friend (with yummy bake sale goodies in her hand!)

Heather & I at Camosun College. This was just before we were packing up, so you can imagine how much more we had a week and a half ago!

I have to go to the bank today exchange my $1000 for traveler's checks. Yes, $1000! I still have a couple of more opportunities to sell a few more pieces, so I'm confident on meeting my goal. I never thought this would be possible. And it's all thanks do a wonderful best friend, Heather, who loves this as much as I, and a husband who'll put up with beads being all over the house and me spending lots on beads in the past few years. Plus a wonderful family who buys me beads when they spot them (thanks Eric & Dad!)

*EDIT* I was cleaning this afternoon (see 'ending procrastination' below), and in a drawer I found $280 that I had stashed away! Hurray for being a little squirrel! I'd like to thank my friend (Meg) for teaching me that habit! Huzzah! I Rule! *End EDIT*

All of my energy and free time has gone into preparing for this past week; I haven't concentrated on what these next two weeks hold. But now it's here. Two weeks until we leave Victoria. So much to do! But it's a lot less than it could be, since we're renting out our basement suite fully furnished. We just have to pack our personal belongings and put it in the storage unit here.

Goals for this weekend include mapping out where we want to go, figuring out how much it will cost in each place, and looking at routes. I'm reading the backpacking cookbooks (Val, I'll return the Wellfed Backpacker to you at Christmas), and writing down recipes. We also have to figure out what clothes we're going to bring with us from home, I don't have much that's backpacking friendly. (Hopefully I'll be able to find some sweet pieces at Value Village or the Salvation Army!)

So without further procrastination, I'm going to get on that stuff!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oh, and two more things....

It snowed! I woke up this morning to a centimeter of snow on the ground. I know, nothing for most people, but in Victoria this is a big deal. It's the first time I've seen snow on December 1st in at least 3 years! WooHoo!

Aannndd... I've been addicted to America's Next Top Model for the last 2 cycles. I can't get enough. Joel makes fun of me.

But episode 10 is amazing! The girls go to China and their challenge is to pose all martial arts style in the air! Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meet ANTM.

Watch it:

Christmas Craft Frenzy-ing!

Yesterday was the start of my craft fair blitz!

Heather and I had a table at Camosun College yesterday, and it went over pretty well. Students are a hard bunch because we're all broke. Especially at the end of semester. All together we sold $350, $160 was me, $100 for her, and $70 for jewelry made by guys in Africa that H brought back from volunteering over there (She sends 100% of that $ back to them), and $30 for my friend Laura's stuff. So a pretty good day.

This piece sold, I was sad to see it go, but I'm sure it went to a good home!

Monday and Tuesday I'm selling at work. Ahhhh! I hope it goes well. So not only do I want to do well for myself, but this craft fair is my baby! I've organized all of it. I hope everyone else does well too!

Not trying to be full of myself or anything, but I'm so impressed with how well I've done since working! These government women are amazing. I've pulled in around $1000 -- however, I've spend well over $500.... but it's the first time I'm coming out ahead! WooHoo!

Monday, November 19, 2007

WooHoo! First Sale on Etsy!

I'm am so happy! I had my first sale on Etsy. Now hopefully it's the first in a long line of Christmas shopping. *hope*

It was these pretty darlings

And last week at work I made over $400 selling jewelry.

Christmas Craft Fair is coming up in 2 weeks at work, and I have a table twice at Camosun in that time too!

I *really* hope I meet my goal of $1500 for spending money in South America!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Etsy + Moo = *Heart*

Moo meets Etsy

So I must do this. Do I have enough time before my craft fairs? I hope so! But I need better pictures. Oh why I aren't I talented with a camera like my husband or Why!

Perhaps I should make it my mission for the day... (besides groceries, Christmas baking, laundry, post office.... )

Monday, November 12, 2007

Etsy Treasury

Look! I made an Etsy Treasury of pretty BC made things!